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The eternal charm of roses and glow of diamonds come together in the Fantasia collection. The little diamonds shine in all their glory just like the woman of today. In Fantasia, many precious, little diamonds are arranged together to give the illusion of a solitaire. Each and every diamond is painstakingly selected so that all of them are of the same size to give the flawless look that you see on the captivating jewellery pieces. The diamonds are set in illusion-setting on blush-hued rose gold to create pieces that are truly wonderful.

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The pure radiance of stars is here to enchant you! Diamonds spell charm and luxury and each jewellery piece in the Star Collection is proof. The finest diamonds in the collection give you a timeless grace.


The Blooms Collection by Savio is inspired by the aura of royals. The splendid pieces have universal appeal that will astonish the onlookers. Precious rubies, emeralds and blue sapphires give the jewellery a marvelous spark.


The Dainty range has pieces that exhibit the best cutwork. The fine carving makes jewellery look like a seductive veil. 18 carat gold in brushed finish makes diamonds the centre of attraction. The shiny gems are arranged in flush-setting so that you see just the diamonds without any prongs. Matte finish gold and glimmering diamonds lie together evenly and look like water flowing under shining sun. Paisley and floral motifs are the base for these delicate jewellery pieces.

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Fantasia Collection

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Star Collection

Blooms Collection

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Dainty Collection

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