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The Peacock Ring

Guinness World Record holder  ( 2015 - 2018 )


Inspired by the beautiful bird that sings the song of monsoon and dances along the drops from heaven- our national bird- Peacock, Ashish Sand and Abhishek Sand dreamed to create an unprecedented piece of art. They started to design a ring with the largest number of diamonds ever set in a ring. The epic ‘Peacock Ring’ designed by Savio Jewellery is an 18k white gold ring with 3827 VVS-VS quality diamonds studded in it. It has been designed in the form of a peacock with its feathers spread. The dream of making this ring possible was fabricated in paper by Ashish Sand and Abhishek Sand and realised by their skilled craftsmen. The ring was designed with four different orthographic views to ensure that no details are missed in making.

As a result of the innovative imagination of Ashish and Abhishek Sand and the passion to realise it, the design of this mesmerizing piece of beauty got itself listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of cut diamonds in a ring. This Peacock Ring weighs 50.42 g in total and the diamonds used in the ring have a combined carat weight of 16.5.

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